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time to say goodbye

Time to Say Goodbye

This decision did not come easily. We've been mulling it over for several months and we finally came to the conclusion that it's time to close My Real … [Read More...]



Baby Gourmet Grows Up – Slammers’ Review

When the brilliant minds behind Baby Gourmet first started their company their children were babies and appropriately they focused on delicious baby food. Well as babies tend to do, their children grew up and while they no longer wanted baby food, they still wanted tasty and convenient food that they could throw in their bags […]


Why More Moms Want Doulas

When my oldest son was born, I had a doula attend the birth. It was one of the best decisions I made. Impressed by the positive impact of having a doula, I learned more and more about this profession and eventually became a birth doula myself. As doulas are becoming commonplace, the myths and media […]

bumkins wet bag

Cloth Diapering On-the-Go: Bumkins Wet Bags

Over the past few months, I’ve been putting Bumkins wet bags to the test . . . and the results are great! Bumkins Wet Bags I use cloth diapers and feel that wet bags are a must! Before I started using them, I kept a stash of plastic bags in my diaper bag, but I […]

Hape Totter Tower

Hape Totter Tower Review

We have often talked about how difficult it can be to find a game that is truly age appropriate for the toddler crowd, the 3 and 4 year old’s have a tendancy to be labeled as too young to play a game. We have successfully found a few great games in the past year or […]

shop better

Shop Better: The Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned

As you may know, this is our last issue of My Real Review. You can read our goodbye post here. Being that I’ve doing a lot of product research, shopping, and testing over the past 5 years, I decided to share what I’ve learned since starting My Real Review. Below are five bits of wisdom […]

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My Real Review’s All-Time Top Reviews

As we write our final posts and prepare to close our virtual doors, we’re finding that nostalgia is hitting hard. So, we felt it was fitting to share our most popular reviews from the past five years (we based our selection on website hits and time spent on the review). Our top reviews have been […]