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January Reviews


LOVELINX Designs Jewelry Review

Every mother across the world is proud of their children and has an effortless desire to share their children with the world. We do this through pictures and stories, some of us a little more privately than others, but the fact remains that we all think our kids are the best and we want to […]

Boogie Wipes

Battle Cold Season with Boogie Wipes

There have been a number of nasty cold and flu bugs making their way from house to house for the last couple of months, coughs and runny noses have seemed pretty constant. With all of the nose wiping, there could be a lot of red and raw noses, thankfully Boogie Wipes are here to save […]


Suspend Game Review

Suspend, by Melissa and Doug is a simple balancing game where the main goal is simply, ‘just don’t knock it down’. With a variety of simple metal rods with ‘u’ shaped bends, Suspend is recommended for ages 8+ with 1-4 players. Suspend has three different game plays for varying levels of challenge. The beginner game […]

Baby Bjorn Carrier We

Baby Bjorn Carrier We Review

You might recall back to March 2014 when we did a Savvy Shoppers feature on baby carriers in which we included the Baby Bjorn carrier and gave it a less than stellar review. We found the standard Baby Bjorn carrier to be hard on our backs, expensive and ill suited to the ergonomic needs of […]

gym membership

Savvy Shoppers: What You Need to Know Before Buying A Gym Membership

Planning on improving your fitness in 2015? Going to buy a gym membership to keep yourself fit and healthy? You might want to think twice before buying. Fitness facilities, especially those that charge a monthly membership fee, run on the expectation that most people who buy are not going to come very often. The monthly […]

exercise ball

The Exercise Ball: A Pregnant Mama’s Best Friend

I bought my exercise ball when I was pregnant with my first son, more than eight years ago, and I enjoyed using it regularly during each of my following pregnancies (especially in the final few weeks). When I attended a doula training workshop last year, I learned that exercise balls are one of the top […]

Phantom Glass Screen Protector

Phantom Glass Screen Protector Review

As much as we all want to keep our kids off of our phones and other electronic devices, the reality is that there are times where you need to distract them, amuse them, or even simply share something with them (a video message or video chat with a special family member) and their little fingers […]