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toddler busy bag

Toddler Busy Bags Review

When I became pregnant with now 19 month old A, little O was just 18 months old and I knew when the baby arrived I would need to be ready to keep my … [Read More...]


busy bags

Craft Corner – Toddler Busy Bags

Perhaps you have already read Dana’s article on Toddler Busy Bags (if you haven’t had the chance yet, be sure to check it out!) and now you are ready to jump right in to making some of your very own. If you are feeling overwhelmed, just take a deep breath and rest assured that it […]

summer drinks

Recipe Round-Up –Stay Cool with Delicious Summer Drinks

The hot weather is here and nothing beats a cool treat on a hot day! This month we have rounded up some yummy summer drinks to keep you refreshed as you enjoy the summer heat. Do your kids complain when you try to keep them hydrated by insisting they drink some water? Make a glass […]