The Beauty of Limitless Love: Times Two Children’s Book

We always love to add new books to our ever growing collection, and it’s especially nice to find a book that my daughter loves and wants to read over and over again! When I was offered the opportunity to review Times Two by Sheree Plett, I couldn’t wait to read it to my daughter.

Times Two by Sheree Plett – Review

times-two-sheree-plettTimes Two is about two little raccoons who like to show each other how much they love one another. They go to great lengths to prove their love across oceans, into space and even up to the moon and back!

Times Two is written using catchy phrases that are repeated often. My daughter has already learned these phrases and she enjoys saying them along with me. Times Two is a quick read, but full of heart.

I thought Times Two was endearing. It expressed the love that a parent feels for their children, as well as the love a child has for their parent. Sheree Plett must have an amazing relationship with whomever she wrote this book for as the book is so sweet.

The water colored illustrations are whimsical and childlike and capture the tone of the book well.

My daughter really enjoyed the book as well. We like to take books to read in the washroom while we wait for her to use the potty. Lately, she’s been picking Times Two for each and every reading-on-the-potty time. My daughter likes that Times Two is small enough for her little hands to hold easily. She loves to point out the little sock monkey that travels with the raccoons on their journey, but she especially loves that the book ends with an “I love you” and a hug, because that’s how we end it too!

Times Two also comes with a free song download that goes along with the story! The song sounds like a lullaby and Sheree’s voice is soft and folksy. I love that my daughter has memorized some of the lyrics and I often hear her singing it to herself as she plays. It melts my heart! I even hear my husband singing along when the songs plays, as my daughter requests it daily!

Would I Buy a Book by Sheree Plett?

times-two-sheree-plett Definitely! I love how the story has a song with it and the illustrations are very unique.

Where to Buy Times Two?

Times Two is available for purchase through the Times Two online store. The price is $12 and includes the music download. There are also other bundles available through the Times Two online store (and one that includes one of Sheree Plett’s CD’s.)

What is one of your children’s favourite books?

Congratulations to Sheree Plett for earning our Seal of Recommendation for her book!


Disclosure: This review was sponsored by Sheree Plett.