Card Swap Review: Exchange Your Unwanted Gift Cards!

As seen on Episode 2 of Dragon’s Den Season 6, Card Swap is a website that allows you to exchange your unwanted gift cards for cash. Additionally, through your Card Swap account, you are able to purchase gift cards from leading brands at a discounted rate!

Card Swap

Card Swap -Review

My Experience as a Gift Card Buyer:
Overall, my experience as a CardSwap buyer was a positive one. I tested some options such as bidding on a gift card (I didn’t win) and receiving an email when cards from my favourite merchants became available. As a result of one such email, I ended up purchasing a Best Buy gift card. I received the gift card 4 days after making my purchase. Shipping is always free when you make a purchase from CardSwap.

I was disappointed that there were very few gift cards available that cost less than $50. Realistically, I am more likely to buy gift cards that are around $20-25 (or less) in value. Also, the discount on most cards was minimal and I felt the small savings I received wasn’t worth the time spent searching for cards I wanted. Hopefully this aspect will improve as the site becomes more active and attracts more swappers!

My Experience as a Gift Card Seller:
Honestly, trying to sell my gift cards was frustrating. My plan for testing this service was to buy a gift card, sell it on the site, and receive money back. To start, I bought a $25 VISA gift card and when I went to sell it, I discovered that VISA was not a listed merchant. I followed the steps to recommend this merchant to Card Swap, but did not hear anything back (I still haven’t heard anything back). Being that I needed to complete this review in a timely manner, I purchased another gift card, this time a $20 gift card from Chapters Indigo (who I had verified was a listed merchant). When I entered the information and clicked ‘sell’, I received an error message telling me that Card Swap does not accept any gift cards that are less than $25 in value. At this point I gave up trying (especially since I have no desire to purchase a third gift card simply for the sake of a review).

My constructive feedback to Card Swap would be to lower the minimum card value to $10-$15. This would increase the number of sellers and consequently the number of buyers. As I mentioned before, I’m much more likely to buy a number of $10-$25 gift cards than cards that are going to cost me $50 or more.

I do think the concept of swapping gift cards is excellent and with a few tweaks to the site/service, I would consider buying and selling my gift cards on

Have you tried, or would you try, Card Swap?
Are you more likely to purchase gift cards in the
$20 range or the $50 range?


Disclosure: I received compensation from Card Swap to facilitate this review. As always, all opinions are entirely my own.


  1. Jen Wilson says

    Your blog got me interested in the site, so I checked it out from the point of view as a purchaser, since I don’t often recieve GCs that I find I can’t use. I understand what you’re saying about the smaller dollar value, but more likely I’m looking for a GC that I will personally use, not something that I will give away as a gift (thus defeating the purpose of a GC, I suppose!). I also want a good deal, so to save 5-10% on a $10 GC really wouldn’t be worth my while to use this site… but if I were already looking to make a larger purchase at a specific store & I knew I could get a GC to that store at a 10% savings, then I’d be tempted to buy a $100 GC to save the $10. It comes down to what is really worth my time & effort.

  2. says

    I saw the episode of Dragon’s Den you referred to and definitely wasn’t convinced it was a service I would use. I’m glad you reviewed it and shared your experiences… Gift Cards are so huge right now and I have sooooo many lying around my house not being used (or getting lost) so I am actually interested in figuring out how to use them. But… for now I think I’ll stick with re-gifting the ones I won’t use.

    Thanks Nicole :)

  3. jessica says

    DEFINITELY! Your review is right on the button. Lower prices for cards and a better margin… I don’t want to have to think so much to save only a few $’s… Thanks for putting this out there and I’m looking forward to (positive thinking) cardswap responding by changing a few things!

  4. robert says

    there is a second canadian card swap like web site “”I have not read any reviews yet unlike you are able too sell visa & mastercard gift cards has anyone tried out or reviewed this service?

  5. Robert says

    I would strongly suggest anyone use instead of Giftah. I submitted my cards to Giftah about a month ago and haven’t heard anything. You can’t contact them except by email, and they’ve decided simply not to respond to any of my emails. I used and had no issues whatsoever.

  6. Ryan says

    I would have to say cardswap is a great site overall. I think if the card values were higher they could not afford to ship their cards for free. My only issue is difficulty getting popular cards such as starbucks our second cup. I suppose not many of those cards get sold so low inventory happens.

    • says

      Thanks for sharing Ryan! I have noticed that over the past couple months I have received many more emails than I had before about my favourite gift cards being available. Hopefully that means the site is growing and gaining in popularity :)

  7. Jessica says

    Hi Nicole thanks for this great post – does the $10 coupon still exist somewhere? I can’t seem to find it “below”.


  8. says

    Before jumping in with both feet, I read the various comments about Cardswap and decided to give it a try. They contacted me via email and gave me a quote.
    I went through the motions with their website and on their recommendation sent my $500.00 Fairmont Hotel gift card to Cardswap by registered mail (fee $10.00); this was a big mistake!
    Once they had my card there was the usual security questions, which of course is really quite normal and I obliged with fulfilling the information and even suggested that they use the Fairmont Hotel website to actually verify that the card was worth what I had said that it was and to validate that it was indeed active.
    Let me just say that I can not believe for a second that they even bothered to do this.
    This experiance left me with a bad taste…. I would personally never send a gift card to Cardswap again.
    I did get my gift card back, but it cost me $10.00 for nothing and wasted my time.
    Before you decide to use their service, make sure you know what you are getting into as it seems that they do not actually want high valued cards.if they would have been honest with me up front, I would not have sent them my card.

  9. says

    Postscript to my comment on Cardswap.

    I foregot to mention that Cardswap had the the nerve to ask me me for a credit card number ……when I read their request I thought, wait a minute they have my $ 500.00 gift card and still they want me to provide a credit card number. Needless to say, l was not that stupid and never gave them this.