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I Wear A Corset 20 Hours A day HOOKED ON THE LOOK

Heavy duty 24 double steel boned waist training leather overbust corset #1216-le can be used for tight lacing, shaping and waist training -total of 24 steel bones -4 rigid steel plates -20 spiral/flexible steel bones around the corset -fasten at the front with rust free ykk zip -ties up at the back with strong laces/ribbon at waist level -100% cotton twill lining with waist tape -13.9 (35.5 cm) length for the front (measure from centre) -13.9 (35.5 cm) length for the front (measure from overbust) -12.9 (33 cm) length for the side -13.6 (34.5 cm) length for the back -5 (12.7 cm) length for modesty panel at the back.