Treasure Hunt Clues and Ideas: Simple steps for planning a fun-filled activity!

treasure huntWhether you’re planning a traditional egg hunt for Easter, a themed treasure hunt for a birthday party, or a creative rainy-day activity, solving corny clues and racing around to find hiding places is fun for all ages!

Feel free to use these printable treasure hunt clues to create a hunt for your kids and listen to our podcast on Easter candy alternatives if you’re looking to keep the sugary treats to a minimum.

5 Treasure Hunt Tips!

1. Make the treasure hunt a cooperative activity! Consider pairing younger children with older helpers or create teams.

2.  Change the complexity to suit the age group. The same clue that can lead your youngest to find a prize sitting in plain sight can lead your oldest to find another clue taped in a hard-to-see location. At the end of the hunt, the last clue can lead directly to the treasure for the youngsters. For older children, put a letter on each clue and have them unscramble the letters to reveal the location of the treasure.

3. Keep them motivated! Instead of searching for one large prize at the end, add smaller prizes with each clue to encourage treasure hunters to persevere to the end.

4. Be strategic! Hide the clues in such a way that your treasure hunters have to “zig-zag” the house and run up the stairs several times to burn off some extra energy.

5. Prevent chaos! Set some ground rules so that the house doesn’t get trashed in the finding frenzy.

Do you create treasure hunts for your kids? Any tips or suggestions?


  1. Celia says

    Since we have some kids old enough to read, and some who are not, I try to alternate the clues for them. Some are just pictures which the smaller kids are suppose to solve, and some that are written out for the older kids to read.

  2. cindy says

    Thank you so much for these treasure hunt clues! They were just what I was looking for to make our Easter morning more fun!