Squoosh! Organic Fruit and Vegetable Puree

Are you tired of fruit and veggies returning home from school beat-up or half-eaten?  Has your dentist chastised you for feeding your children sticky fruit leathers?  School lunch times seem to be getting shorter and anything that requires a lot of chewing is often left untouched in the lunch box. Squoosh organic fruit and vegetable puree is packaged for children and is an innovative new solution to these lunchbox dilemmas.

Squoosh-PouchesSquoosh Organic Fruit and Vegetable Puree – Review

Squoosh organic fruit and vegetable puree is the first product to launch in a new line called Kids Gourmet created by Baby Gourmet founder Jennifer Broe. Squoosh is manufactured using the same high standards that Baby Gourmet is. Each pouch of Squoosh contains one full serving of fruit and veggies.

Squoosh-beetberrySquoosh comes in a variety of flavours, each with a fun name:

  • BeetBerry (banana, apple, beet, blueberry)
  • OrangoBango (mango, carrot, banana, apple)
  • SquabbleBerry (apple, blueberry, squash, banana)
  • Banango (banana, mango, apple, squash)

The colourful packaging and cool names made my 3 and 5 year old children very eager to try Squoosh. We tried all four flavours and to me each variety had a very fresh fruity taste and smooth texture. My two favourites were the Beetberry and the OrangoBango.

My children, unfortunately, did not take to these products in the same way I did. We tried Squoosh a few different times – both cold and at room temperature – but had no success with the kids. Neither of my kids were able to articulate what they didn’t like about Squoosh, but their wrinkled up faces while they tried it told the story.

Squoosh Organic Fruit and Vegetable Puree – Pros

  • made from 100% fruit & vegetables.
  • no added sugar or salt.
  • very quick to eat (kind of like drinking thick juice) and makes a nutritious snack.
  • The foil pouch design of the package allows it to fit easily into a lunch box or backpack and makes it easy to squeeze and empty completely.

Squoosh Organic Fruit and Vegetable Puree – Cons

  • All of the purees contain bananas so, even though it isn’t a strong flavour, children who don’t like bananas will probably not like any of the Squoosh flavours.

Would I buy Squoosh?

I think this a great product but since neither one of my children really like Squoosh, I probably won’t buy it. I think Squoosh would be fabulous baked into muffins (and the Beetberry Squoosh in brownies) so I may keep some stocked in my pantry.  I am also still hopeful that my kids will realize how good it actually tastes!

Where to buy Squoosh?

Squoosh products are sold in most grocery stores and even online.  Use the store locator if you want to be absolutely sure where it is sold in your area.  A package containing 4 pouches sells for about $5.00.

What flavour of Squoosh would you want to try first?

Disclosure: This review was sponsored by Baby Gourmet.