Lice Shield -Review

Does just seeing the word lice make your head itch? (I’ll admit that I’ve scratched my head more than usual while writing this post.) Thankfully, we haven’t had to deal with lice, or the dreaded notice reporting a case of lice in the classroom . . . hooray for a cootie-free family so far! If the thought of a head lice outbreak makes you shudder, there is a preventative product for lice that you can use. Through the month of September (since K started Kindergarten), I’ve been putting Lice Shield Shampoo & Conditioner in 1 and Lice Shield Leave In Spray to the test.

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About Lice Shield:
Lice Shield is a new product line (consisting of the shampoo and spray shown above) that has been shown to repel head lice using natural oils. Be aware that these products do not treat head lice infestations, they are designed to be a preventative measure! Both Lice Shield Shampoo and Leave In Spray detangle hair and are gentle enough for daily use. They are most effective when used together.

In laboratory tests, Lice Shield products provided over 80% lice repellency, which is a very good thing if head lice concerns you.

Although Lice Shield uses natural oils as the key ingredients to repel lice, I wouldn’t necessarily consider Lice Shield to be ‘natural’ based on the other ingredients used to formulate the products. The citronella scent in both products was very strong; however, the scent did not linger long with the shampoo. With the Lice Shield Leave In Spray, the scent was overwhelming for a very long time before it faded. If you choose to use this product on your child’s backpack, hats, coats, or scarves, I suggest spraying them the night before so the smell has a chance to dissipate.

Does Lice Shield really work?
I can’t say for sure since my family wasn’t actually exposed to lice during the month that I spent testing Lice Shield, but I can say that I have had success using citronella essential oil as a mosquito repellent. I expect that lice dislike citronella as much as mosquitoes.

Will I purchase Lice Shield in the future?
Possibly. If there was a lice outbreak reported in my child’s classroom, then I would be tempted to use Lice Shield to protect my family from lice until the problem was under control. Otherwise, I don’t think that I’d use this product on a daily basis.

Where to buy Lice Shield?
In Canada, Lice Shield products can be purchased at

Have you tried Lice Shield?
What did you think of these products? 

Disclosure: I received Lice Shield products to facilitate this review. As always, all opinions are entirely my own.