Nip + Fab -Review

Nip and Fab is a new product line that was launched in the UK in September, 2010. In March 2011, Nip + Fab beauty care products became available at Shopper’s Drug Mart stores across Canada. Products range from roughly $10-20 in price. On January 24, 2012 -this product appeared on the Today Show and I have had a lot of people searching for information on Nip and Fab.

I had the opportunity to test Nip and Fab Moisture Fix, a daily moisturizer designed to give skin a radiant and youthful glow.

Nip and Fab Moisture Fix

Nip and Fab Claims?


According to Nip + Fab, their Moisture Fix contains hyaluronic acid to plump and fill skin, grapeseed oil to moisturize and elasticize, and meadowfoam seed oil to combat skin aging and reduce blemishes. The entire Nip + Fab line is marketed toward consumers who want measurable results from their beauty products, without having to spend a small fortune.

Now, before applying Nip + Fab Moisture Fix, I checked out a variety of sources on whether hyaluronic acid is safe to use during pregnancy. The results were inconclusive so I chose to err on the side of caution and Corey volunteered to be my guinea pig for this product test. He is prone to very dry skin, making him an excellent test subject. He has been testing Nip + Fab Moisture Fix for approximately one month.

Pros and Cons of Nip + Fab?

Nip + Fab Moisture Fix effectively moisturized Corey’s skin. He told me that his skin feels good after he applies it and there were no adverse reactions. In terms of the specific claims for this product (plumps, fills, moisturizes, elasticizes, combats aging, and reduces blemished) we both noticed that there was a noticeable difference especially in terms of the reduction of fine lines and blemishes.

The press release on Nip + Fab that I received stated that these products are “crammed with breakthrough natural and technologically advanced skin smoothing, boosting and firming ingredients.” I must admit that while some natural products were used, there were a lot of items on the ingredient list that weren’t great from a health/eco-friendly standpoint (such as Butylene Glycol, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, and a couple types of parabens).

Would I purchase Nip and Fab products again in the future?

No. There were too many ingredients in Nip and Fab that I would rather not put on my skin, especially since so many comparably priced and equally effective natural alternatives exist.

Disclosure: I received product from Nip + Fab to enable me to write a fair review. As always, all opinions are entirely my own.


  1. tracy says

    Thanks for the info Nicole. I have seen this line advertised in the most recent Shoppers Drug Mart flyer and I was very curious!

  2. SweetRandi says

    Thank you so much Nicole. I was initally so excited to purchase this WHOLE product line after seeing the savings on the Today Show. Then I started thinking..Why throw even a little bit of money away if there are better products out there. Seeing your review, was so helpful..for you had nothing to gain or lose..either way you went on this line. Thanks again.

  3. Michelle says

    Thanks for your review. I saw these on the Today show and considered purchasing them. I have never heard about them before so I wanted to do a little research. Given your review of all the ingredients I think I would rather wait and find something else. If you have any other comparable suggestions, I would love to hear them!

  4. Tina says

    Thanks so much for the review. I too saw the deal on The Today Show and bought the product and am looking forward to using it. It seems to good to pass up and I’m never buy stuff online but I decided to give this a try. You say there’s better healthier products out there, I could spend lots of hours researching. If you have a place to start I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again for the review and your time.

  5. says

    For those who asked, here are a couple of the other brands that I have tested and would recommend over Nip and Fab:
    Riversol, Maple Organics, MUVAZI, and Diane Lai.

    I should add that I have no affiliations with any of these brands and do not receive any sort of compensation whatsoever for recommending them. Hope my suggestions help :)

    • says

      I too was anxious to try this product when I saw the ad. I it addressed many of the issues I am concerned with, which are different from most of your responders. I am a post menopausal woman and am not concerned about problem complexions. I have been trying it for a couple of days and have been moderately satisfied with the effects on fine lines and wrinkles. It does suggest 28 days or something to fully notice a difference. I have tried a bunch of different ones and many work for a couple of weeks and then stop so we shall see

      • says

        Do keep us posted and let us know if you see a noticeable difference after a few weeks. I’m very curious to know whether it actually works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles!

    • Sheryl says

      I have read the above reviews. Loved that you recommended other product lines, however, in looking at these sites they are body products. Any suggestions as I am looking for a facial line? Thanks!