Magnum Ice Cream Bars -Review

Magnum ice cream bars are brand new to Canada (they’re already enjoyed in 40 other countries) and will launched nationwide in May, 2011. Coated in fine authentic Belgium chocolate, Magnum is designed to be a luxurious treat for ice cream lovers. To celebrate this launch, Magnum is hosting a contest looking for the Magnum Heir where one winner will win a $250,000 VIP experience!!

Magnum Ice Cream logo

Six flavours are now available to Canadians: Magnum Classic (vanilla bean ice cream coated in milk chocolate), Magnum Almond (like the Classic, but the milk chocolate coating contains crunchy almonds), Magnum White (white Belgian chocolate coats the vanilla ice cream), Magnum Dark (vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate), Magnum Double Chocolate (chocolate ice-cream surrounded by a layer of chocolate sauce and chocolate coating), and Magnum Double Caramel (vanilla ice cream coated in chocolate, then covered in caramel, followed by another coat of chocolate).

Is your mouth watering yet?!

Magnum ice cream bars

What we liked about Magnum ice cream bars:
Being very pregnant (and very much craving chocolate), I immediately jumped on the chance to test the Magnum brand. The flavour was amazing and the ice cream was richly flavoured. One bar was definitely enough to satisfy me. Corey and I both agreed that the Magnum Double Chocolate ice cream bars were one of the best ice cream bars we had ever tasted! I also liked the ingredient list -it was simple and without a lot of extra chemicals/additives.

There are only 3 bars per box at a SRP (suggested retail price) of $6.99 (a single bar has a SRP of $3.99). Also, the fat content is very high at 21 g of fat per bar. With that said, these are being marketed as a premium luxury ice-cream bar designed for the occasional indulgence. If you want an inexpensive everyday chocolate frozen treat, I’d suggest something else.

Will I buy Magnum ice cream bars again in the future?
Only very occasionally  -we certainly would not keep this product regularly stocked in our freezer (mostly due to the expense, the fat content, and that fact that they are very tempting given the deliciousness). Magnum ice cream bars are already available at all the major grocery stores in my area and by May 15th they should be pretty much everywhere in Canada. If you’re looking to indulge, all the flavours of Magnum ice cream bars are easy to find!

If you try Magnum Ice Cream bars, be sure to leave a comment letting me know what you thought!

Disclosure: I received product from Magnum to enable me to write a fair review. As always, all opinions are entirely my own.


  1. says

    Okay. Seriously. I’m tired, grumpy, and trying to avoid work when I stumbled across this. I’d really like one right now.

  2. Pam says

    Magnum ice cream bars are delicious and very very addictive! I had already bought 3 boxes within 2 days. This is the best frozen store bought ice-cream bar I have every tasted and I purchased them from Walmart herein Arizona. If you have never tried them I suggest that you do, you’re taste buds will thank you. P. S. Try to have some self control! Lol!!

  3. Carla cough says

    Very very expensive for what you get and not nearly as good as dove bars.

  4. Joan Hostettler says

    I have tried the white chocolate, classic & double caramel. The double caramel is my favorite. The Walmart I buy them at can’t keep the double caramel on the shelf . Keep them coming. Wonderful, and yes they are addictive.

  5. Desiree says

    Thank God I’m in the U.S. I just bought a box of Magnum Double Caramel; a box of 3 was $3.18. Good Lord, I can’t even imagine paying the Canadian price for them. They are good, but their idea of Double Caramel has me scratching my head; I could barely see the caramel.

  6. says

    I am so addicted to this ice cream, I’ve gone through 3 boxes in one week. I”ve asked my hubby not to purchase anymore for me, and then turned around and asked him to purchase me some more. I’ve only tasted the basic, but I do plan on trying them all. Our Neighborhood Wal-mart store now carries 3 of the flavors!

    Magnum, what took you so long?????

    • says

      I’m not sure where to buy Magnum bars in Arizona. Perhaps one of my readers from the USA can chime in and help you out :)

  7. Jerry says

    I tried these ice cream bars and thought they were one of the best. I just found out today while shopping at the supermarket that there is a recall on this product. There was a sign in the store but I cannot find any other information. Anyone heard of this.

  8. Joanne C says

    I fell in love with these Magnum ice cream bars,but as fast as they were on the shelves,they disappeared from the shelves. Nobody seems to know why,but I would really like to know what happened to them. I have checked with several grocery stores and no one has them. Does anyone know why? Joanne C.

  9. pmh says

    while the bar is good (not as good as Dove) 3 in a package!!! Give me a break. my husband and I would like to share the box but one of us has to sacrifice. It’s not fair that the marketing and merchandising people might force customers to buy 2 boxes to even it out. NOT going to happen. Odd numbers only work well with art. not food.
    won’t go out of my way again to buy these.

  10. Jamie says

    These are very very very good. I hate I let my husband try the almond bar now I have to share.

  11. swordfish says

    Not nearly as good as Dove bars. The chocolate isn’t as thick and the ice cream not as substantial as Dove bars. Can’t find Dove bars in Canada though. Magnum bars are overhyped.

  12. Jeff Primovic says

    I had high hopes based on the commercial – it did get me to buy these. In fact, I went to more than one store to find these. In a word: disappointing. Very little flavor. No comparison to Hagen Daaz bars. This was a one and done for me.

  13. David Po says

    I can’t stand these!! OK, well, let me rephrase that…they definitely taste OK…my problem stems from the fact they are obviously trying to compete directly with Haagen Dazs, yet they taste nowhere NEAR as good! Yet, thanks to fancy marketing, and a slightly ‘sexual’ appeal, people seem to think they are the greatest Ice cream bars alive. I will admit, I was excited when these come out. Im a HUGE ice cream bar lover, and up until then, I had been convinced that Haagen Dazs were the ONLY premium bar available in the supermarket….unfortunately, as soon as I sunk my teeth into my first ‘magnum’ it was apparent this was nothing more than a big thick revello with a ‘Chocolatey’ coating :( HD for life!

  14. Cathy says

    These bars are WAY TOO SWEET! There is not enough ice cream in each bars (due to the double chocolate coatings taking up space) to help dilute/balance out all that sugary caramel syrup in between the chocolate coatings. Ice cream in itself is sweet enough, but when you add a rich concentration of caramel syrup; sugar attack!! My favorite are still those dove bars.