Kids Konserve Trio – stainless steel snack container review

These days there are a number of options for reusable lunch containers, but while they all help parents put together a litter-less school lunch, where did it all start? While no one really can know for certain, Kids Konserve was definitely one of the companies on the forefront of the eco-friendly lunch option.

Kids Konserve is a wonderful company that was founded by two moms who were shocked with the amount of waste generated by school lunches.  They knew they needed to do something to set an example of conservation for their children and empower them to be examples of change for the future.  Thus Kids Konserve was born in 2008.  Since its launch, the company continues to develop new and even more effective solutions and has also expanded their line to include U-Konserve which is targeted at adults but has the same fantastic premise of providing non- toxic, waste-free lunch packing solutions.

Kids Konserve Nesting Trio Review:

kids-konserve-nesting-trioI tried out the Kids Konserve Nesting Trio. These pretty little containers just plain old make me happy. When not in use, they all fit together nicely so they take up very little space in the cupboard., but with school starting up again plus a busy toddler, these three pieces will rarely have a day off!

As soon as I received the containers, I gave them a wash and filled each one with a different snack as we were heading out the door for a play-date. Each container has a leak proof lid, which means that they can be used for pretty much anything including yogurt or applesauce.

The Nesting Trio obviously consists of three containers: the largest container holds 16-ounces, the medium container is 8-ounces, and the smallest is a 5-ounce container.

The first few times I put the lids on the containers, I felt as though I was getting a little push back from the air that was trapped inside, but I quickly and easily resolved that by simply gently pressing on the centre of the closed lid. Once the excess air was removed, I could tell that the lids were very secure and I wasn’t at all concerned about leaks.

I tend to be a little rough with my diaper bag or snack bag; I toss it into the car, it gets kicked and banged when it is hanging off the handle of the stroller, and it even gets sat on on occasion. Even with all of the rough treatment that the Kids Konserve Nesting Trip may go through while in my bags, I have no concern about the lids popping off. We have certainly put these containers through the wringer and we have yet to have a single drop spilled. Also, through all of the bumps they have received, there are no dents to be found on the containers!


Kids Konserve Nesting Trio – Pros:

  • The containers are made from high quality, medical-grade type 304, 18/8 stainless steel.
  • The plastic leak proof lids are made from LDPE recyclable #4 plastic.
  • The leak proof lids mean there is one less mess you need to worry about cleaning up.
  • When not in use the Kids Konserve Nesting Trio containers stack neatly in each other so they take up very little storage space.

Kids Konserve Nesting Trio – Cons:

I have zero issues with the Kids Konserve Nesting Trio and I will absolutely be adding additional pieces to my container collection!

Would I Buy Kids Konserve Products?

Absolutely, yes! As I mentioned above, I will definitely be adding other Kids Konserve pieces to my container collection… I just need to decide which ones!

Where to Buy Kids Konserve Products?

In addition to the stainless steal containers I tried, Kids Konserve also has thermoses, lunch bags, reusable napkins, cutlery, reusable snack and sandwich bags and many other beautiful and practical lunch storage solutions! Kids Konserve products can be purchased directly from their site and a full list of Canadian retailers can be found at

Do you use reusable containers? What do you think of them?

Congratulations to Kids Konserve for earning our Seal of Recommendation!


Disclosure: This review was sponsored by Kids Konserve.