Grace Adele: Stylish Bags with an Intelligent Interior

grace adele purseIf your purse is anything like mine, you’re fed up with having to dig fruitlessly in your bag, desperately searching for your keys, lipstick, wallet or phone. It doesn’t matter which of my purses I use, they are all black holes that suck everything in and rarely give anything up easily, which is why I was interested to try out the Intelligent Interior used by Grace Adele bags.

Grace Adele Bags – Review

Grace Adele bags combine style and smarts in all of their seven bag styles and seven clutch styles. Each bag option comes in a range of five to seven coordinating colours to suit most styles.

The larger Grace Adele bags have an exterior pocket that allows you to clip one of the coordinating clutches onto the side to give your purse even more storage space. You can, of course, also unclip the clutch and use that on its own for a night out, or use your bag without the clutch for a different look.

Grace Adele also offers cute mix-and-match coin purses, tassels and other add-on accessories, such as notebooks and makeup bags, to accent and personalize your purse. The range of styles for the bags run from flashy patent leather with shiny bling accents to the simpler bags that I prefer. By mixing and matching the options available from Grace Adele, you can create looks to fit your style, whether that is urban, country, or edgy biker-chic.

Grace Adele’s website has a fun Build My Look page that allows you to pick a different bag, clutch and accessories and put them together on-screen so you can see what it will look like. On the practical side, every Grace Adele bag has the same interior.  Their Intelligent Interior™ system of pockets is set-up really well, with places for your phone, wallet, pen, makeup and more. No more frantic searching for your phone before it stops ringing!

grace adele bag

As a seamstress, I have an eye for top-stitching, fabrics and good workmanship. I compared my Grace Adele bag with similarly priced bags in department stores, and the quality and workmanship of the Grace Adele bag was equal to or better than what I saw.

I love my Grace Adele purse.  I’ve been using it daily (and none too gently) for a couple of months and it still looks brand new, and the exterior and lining have a very nice feel to them.

Grace Adele Purses – Pros:

  • With the mix & match element for bags, clutches, colours, and accessories, Grace Adele has a style of purse for everyone.
  • You can match your wallet (and more) to your bag, with their coordinating wallets, notebooks and makeup bags.
  • Grace Adele bags are excellent quality and stand up to real life use.
  • The Grace Adele Intelligent Interior, helps to organize the contents of your purse.

Grace Adele Bags – Cons:

  • Grace Adele bags are not bargain priced, but neither are they bargain quality; however the price may be a little too high for some people.
  • My particular Grace Adele bag has a dark interior, which I found makes it hard to see the contents of my bag.

Would I Buy a Grace Adele Bag?

Most of the Grace Adele bags are $100, which at first seemed a bit pricey to me, but now that I’ve seen how well the bag has held up and how well the interior is laid out, I am considering adding another bag to my collection!

Where to Buy Grace Adele Bags?

Grace Adele products are available online from Sherri’’s Grace Adele website or from a Grace Adele consultant in your area.


Congratulations to Grace Adele for earning our Seal of Recommendation!



What do you look for in a good bag?

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  1. Kelly Tenney says

    I love Grace Adele! In fact, I already have three bags. :) I have a Sarah, Lily, and just got a Mary. The Mary is by far my favorite right now!

  2. Wendy Jones says

    The quality of the bag is very low. I’ve had a Sarah for less than 3 months and I can’t believe how badly it’s held up. The stitching is coming out and the inside lining is ripping. I take extremely good care of my bags, and have only carried this one off and on (I switch off depending on what color I’m wearing); this should not be happening. very shoddy construction.

  3. Jennie says

    Wendy – I’m surprised you’ve had a bad experience. I’ve used mine every day for over 10 months (I never change purses) and it looks nearly new. No problem with the stitching or lining.

  4. Laurel says

    Wendy – why don’t you talk to the Consultant who sold you the bag? Their warranty would cover this and exchange for a new bag.