Crunch a Color Game -Review

Crunch a Color is a game designed to promote healthy eating and to encourage children to eat a variety of food. My family had the opportunity to put this game to the test!

Crunch a Color

The objective of Crunch a Color is to earn as many points as possible. All healthy foods are allocated a certain number of points (the healthier the choice, the more points you get), plus points can be earned by demonstrating good table manners and mealtime etiquette. Points are earned when you eat a full portion of a certain food. A portion is equal to the size of a person’s fist -the smaller the fist, the smaller the portion. Every day, each person’s points are recorded on a reward chart and players win a prize when they achieve their personal goal for the week (it’s recommended that each person aims for 30 points and 3 color cards at every meal)!

Crunch a Color cardsCrunch a Color –Review

The little people in my house thrive on positive peer pressure and competition, thus Crunch a Color is an excellent motivator when it comes to getting my sons K and M to try new foods. We find when we play this game at dinner, the overall atmosphere is much more pleasant when it comes to a positive attitude toward what is served. Instilling daily routines is not my strong point, so I’m still working on making this game a nightly activity. Right now, when we do play, we try to see how many points we can accumulate either as individuals or as a family. I like that this game offers the flexibility to modify the rules to suit a family’s specific needs.

Does it really work?

Yes! K (age 5) tends to eat more vegetables (and a more balanced meal) with significantly less fuss when playing Crunch a Color at dinnertime.

Crunch a Color game


Crunch a Color -Cons

As mentioned above, as much as I loved the concept of this game, I had trouble incorporating it into our mealtime. It was a bit complex to set up and keep track of points. Perhaps this might work better with older children?

Where to buy Crunch a Color?

In Canada, Crunch a Color can be purchased at Chapters Indigo and sells for $14.95.

Do you have any advice regarding getting kids to eat their veggies?

Also, if you’ve tried Crunch a Color,
I’d love to hear your experience with this game! 

Disclosure: I received Crunch a Color to facilitate this review. As always, all opinions are entirely my own.