Chevy Traverse Review: Our Search for the Best Family Vehicle

During my search to find a new family-vehicle, I had the opportunity to test a Chevy Traverse for a two-week time period. Below are my family’s needs:

We have three kids: two in car seats and one in a booster. We’re considering having at least one more child. I need to haul a stroller, groceries, and fit a whole bunch of luggage (should we ever decide to take a road-trip style vacation). I’m not one to buy a new vehicle every few years and I need a vehicle that will still be reliable and a good fit for my family 5-10 years down the road. This is a long-term investment!

chevrolet traverse

chevy traverse

Chevrolet Traverse -Pros

I really liked the overall look and feel of the Chevy Traverse. It was comparable to a Honda or Toyota in terms of safety features and the smoothness of the ride (kudos to Chevrolet Canada for making huge strides in this area over the past few years). Both my husband and I felt comfortable in the driver’s seat: we thoroughly enjoyed driving the Traverse on the highway and in the city. I don’t have the expertise to comment in detail on the technical aspects of the Traverse, but everything seemed very comparable to the other vehicles that were our top contenders. At the very least, I’d recommend taking a Chevrolet Traverse for a test drive if you’re shopping for a family vehicle. We found ourselves pleasantly surprised by the Traverse.

chevy traverse review


You can do a vehicle comparison and see what each trim (LS, 1LT, 2LT, LTZ -all available in front-wheel or all-wheel drive) offers on the Chevrolet Canada site.

Chevrolet Traverse -Cons

The Chevrolet Traverse has the most cargo space in it’s class; however, it’s not classified as a van and vans do have more space. We found that with all three kids in the car, plus the stroller in the back, there was little room left over for bringing home groceries. The lack of sliding doors made it awkward to get our young children in and out of the car and not all seats in the Traverse are designed for car seats (a problem for us since we may need a vehicle that holds 3-4 car seats within the next few years). As much as I’d rather drive something that looks a little cooler (and the Chevy Traverse sure looks good), I need to accept the fact that a minivan is the best option given the needs of my family.

chevrolet traverse trunk space

Did I buy the Chevrolet Traverse for my family?

No. Although the Chevy Traverse was one of our top picks, it wasn’t the winning vehicle in the end. Because we’re still hoping to have more children (and our current children are still very young) we found that the positives of this vehicle didn’t outweigh the awkwardness in getting the kids in and out -and we need a bit more space than the Traverse has to offer. If you have three, or even four, kids (especially older ones) and know that you are done growing your family, the Traverse would be a great pick for you . . . especially if you are desperately seeking an alternative to a minivan!

chevy traverse front console

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Have you considered buying a Chevy Traverse? What are your thoughts on this vehicle?

Disclosure: I test drove a Chevy Traverse from the Chevrolet Canada media fleet for two weeks. As always, all opinions are entirely my own.