Homemade Lip Balm: DIY with Kiss Naturals Craft Kits

I recently discovered Kiss Naturals, a line of do-it-yourself, all natural craft kits.  With these kits, children and adults can enjoy making bath fizzies, homemade lip balm, lip gloss, soap and even dog paw balm. What really caught my eye was the homemade lip balm kit, as I often make my own lip balm (I have […]

Science World: How to make science fun!

Before I begin, even if you don’t live near Vancouver, you can still partake in some scientific fun with your kids through online games and activities at The James Dyson Foundation website (where the goal is to inspire the next generation of engineers by encouraging young people to think differently, experiment, and invent). For those of […]

Craft Caravan: Craft Ideas That Won't Make You Crazy!

If you have a little crafter in your house you already know the time and effort it takes to gather up the supplies for craft ideas. A Vancouver-based company,  Craft Caravan, addresses this issue by offering craft ideas for little people (about 3-10 years old) through craft kit subscriptions. Each month an envelope arrives filled with […]

The 80's are Back: How to Make Fun Friendship Bracelets and Ribbon Barrettes!

How to Make Friendship Bracelets My Friendship Bracelet Maker  is a craft kit that comes with a clip and thread holders (a loom of sorts), a built-in storage drawer, 56 threads in 14 colours and instructions for making friendship bracelets. What did I think?  My sister and I both had a blast making friendship bracelets […]

Lite Sprites -Review

What are Lite Sprites? Created by WowWee Toys, Lite Sprites are enchanted creatures (from the land of Lite-Topia) that use colour and light to express how they are feeling. Children can change the colour of each Sprite when she is lit by pressing a button on the back of the figurine. Or . . . […]

Paper Jamz -Review

Paper Jamz is another product line created by WowWee toys. Despite their simple appearance (a sticker over a plastic instrument), Paper Jamz musical instruments allow you to instantly play and sing like a pro. I had the opportunity to put the Paper Jamz Pro Series Guitar and the Paper Jamz Microphone and Effects Amp to […]

Light Strike -Review

The weather is getting colder and, once again, I have begun looking for indoor activities that will allow my boys to burn off some energy (preferably in ways that will not destroy my house). WowWee Toys sent me some products that have helped keep my guys active and engaged. I’ll be featuring three different types […]

Lice Shield -Review

Does just seeing the word lice make your head itch? (I’ll admit that I’ve scratched my head more than usual while writing this post.) Thankfully, we haven’t had to deal with lice, or the dreaded notice reporting a case of lice in the classroom . . . hooray for a cootie-free family so far! If […]