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5 Super Easy Halloween Costume Ideas – Craft Corner

halloween costume ideas

We searched the Internet for Halloween costume ideas and encountered way too much information. We found a lot of showing awesome, but ridiculously complex, costumes. Also, we came to the realization that most craft-savvy bloggers have a very distorted sense of “easy”. If you’re looking to save time and money this Halloween, and still end […]

Halloween Costumes: Choosing the Right Costume for Your Preschooler

halloween costumes

When it comes to the teeny-tiny trick-or-treaters, the costume you choose can make or break the trick-or-treating experience. A preschooler who is too hot, too cold, uncomfortable, or simply dislikes their costume will be whiney and want to go home (despite the promise of a bucket full of goodies). If you want trick-or-treating to be […]

Top 5 Alternatives to Halloween Candy

halloween candy

Halloween marks the beginning of candy season. Really, from October onward it feels like our kids are being bombarded by junk food until Easter. They get Halloween candy, followed by a gazillion sugary Christmas treats, after which the candy hearts start being passed around, until finally can see the light at the end of the […]

Dear My Real Review: Too Many Halloween Treats!

halloween treats

Dear My Real Review, As Halloween approaches, between school celebrations, thoughtful neighbours and generous friends, I am very worried about all the Halloween treats that my kids will be given. I want them to be able to experience the fun of Halloween, but I hate the idea of all that sugar (for their tummies and […]

Recipe Round Up: Healthy Halloween Treats

healthy halloween treats

Once again we travelled across cyberspace and rounded up some fantastic recipes. While eliminating sugar from the Halloween festivities is next to impossible, you can curb the overall sugar intake by offering fun and healthy Halloween treats throughout the month of October. Here are some of our favourite ideas! 5 Healthy Halloween Treats As always, […]

Expert Advice: Helping a Friend Through a Pregnancy Loss

pregnancy loss

If you’re reading this and are in the middle of a pregnancy loss, or have experienced one recently, our hearts go out to you. We recommend sharing the video below with your family and friends to help them understand your needs during this difficult time. Helping a Friend Through a Pregnancy Loss Even if you […]

Buying a Preschool Backpack

obersee preschool backpack

Congratulations, you have a preschooler! If this is your first time sending a little one to school, you may be feeling overwhelmed not only with emotion, but also with the fact that you now need to purchase school supplies. In particular, you probably need to buy a preschool backpack. Preschool Backpack Options 1. Skip Hop […]

What We Love and Hate about Back-to-School Season

love hate back to school

Back-to-school season, what a wonderful time of year, right? Here are some of the things we love and hate about sending the kids back to school: 1. Routine: Oh the loveliness of having everyone up and going in the morning, and the resulting productivity. Except for fact that we now have to get everyone up […]

Craft Corner – Apple Crafts

apple crafts

September is such a beautiful time of year, the weather isn’t too hot or too cold, perhaps the leaves are starting to change colour, and of course it is apple season! There are always so many tasty apple recipes available, but we thought it would be fun to come up with some apple crafts too! […]