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Savvy Shoppers April 2014 – Comparison of Baby Skin Care Products

baby skin care products

There is nothing quite like the soft, delicate skin of a baby. Who can resist the urge to gently rub the cheek, hand, arm or foot (or any other part for that matter) of a sweet little newborn? Most parents know there are products out there to help protect their baby’s skin . . . […]

Craft Corner – Are Your Earth Day Crafts Creating Too Much Garbage?

earth day crafts

Have you noticed that a number of Earth Day crafts aren’t exactly eco-friendly? Kind of defeats the purpose, right?! We searched the Internet, chatted with some of our favourite Canadian bloggers, and rounded up some fun crafts for Earth Day that don’t create extra waste! Eco-Friendly Earth Day Crafts Get silly and creative with a […]

Monthly Meh -Convenience Foods You Might Want to Skip

convenience foods

Each month we feature products that are neither spectacular nor horrendous. Really, they’re just “meh”. We’ll tell you why. Convenience foods that are meh: Menchies -While it’s fun for kids to create a unique mixture of frozen yogurt and toppings, the end result can be pricey (especially considering you don’t know how much your child’s […]

How Buying Local Makes An Important Difference in Your Community

buying local

Does buying local really make a difference? Yes. When you support people in your community, they are able to support others in the community, and a positive cycle begins. When you buy a hand-crafted diaper bag from a local entrepreneur, you enable her to purchase piano lessons from a local mom who teaches piano. With […]

Recipe Round-Up – Spring Recipes

spring recipes

Something about spring inspires me to start fresh and new. I look forward to opening the windows and letting the fresh air flow through, I tend to go through all the toys and clothes and purge items that are no longer getting loved. I also tend to revert back to healthier meals for my family, […]

Brand Fails – High Wasters

high wasters

Despite an ever increasing number of brands and companies taking a greener route, there are still many surprising instances where a brand or product just seems to result in far too much waste.  We call these high wasters! We asked our readers who they felt fell into the high wasters category, and these are the […]

Love/Hate Products

Popper Toy

We all have them, you know, the products that you purchase and use because quite frankly you can’t find a better option. All the while, however, you curse this product. This my friend is your love/hate product! We asked our readers for their top love/hate products this month and this is what they told us: […]