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Recipe Round Up – Family Friendly Meals

family friendly meals

As parents we always strive to make our family friendly meals, you know the meals that are healthy and well balanced but also taste amazing and appeal to every members taste buds! This month we have reached out to our friends and have put together a selection of family friendly meal ideas – these are […]

Our Breastfeeding Stories –The Reality of the First Few Weeks

breastfeeding stories

World Breastfeeding Week is August 1-7, 2014. In honour of this week, and to celebrate all the mothers who have attempted to breastfeed (regardless of whether it worked out), Nicole and Dana are sharing their stories of establishing a breastfeeding relationship with their babies. As every new mother has a unique breastfeeding experience, we felt […]

Craft Corner – Toddler Busy Bags

busy bags

Perhaps you have already read Dana’s article on Toddler Busy Bags (if you haven’t had the chance yet, be sure to check it out!) and now you are ready to jump right in to making some of your very own. If you are feeling overwhelmed, just take a deep breath and rest assured that it […]

Expert Advice: Answers to Your Summer Skin Care Questions

summer skin care

Now that summer is here, you may notice that your usual skin care routine isn’t quite as effective as it was a month or two ago. From preventing summer breakouts to treating sunburns, Karen Henderson, a Toronto beauty expert and owner of Brushed Designs, answers our most pressing questions about summer skin care. Watch the […]

Drinks for Kids

drinks for kids

Each month we feature products that are neither spectacular nor horrendous. Really, they’re just “meh”. We’ll tell you why. Drinks for Kids that are Meh While some of these drink choices are marketed to adults, they’re popular choices among kids too. We think you could find better drink options, but these certainly aren’t terrible choices […]