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Time to Say Goodbye

time to say goodbye

This decision did not come easily. We’ve been mulling it over for several months and we finally came to the conclusion that it’s time to close My Real Review’s virtual doors. This is our final post. We suspect you may be wondering what’s behind our decision to end My Real Review. Here’s why we’re saying […]

Getting Fit in the New Year: Why Crunches are a BIG No-No


Are you kicking off the new year with an renewed dedication to working out? Before you sign up for a hardcore bootcamp workout, watch our interview with pelvic floor expert and fitness doula, Kim Vopni from Pelvienne Wellness. Despite feeling as though you need to launch into an intense workout regimen to get your body […]

Christmas Crafts – 5 Easy Craft Ideas for the Christmas Season

christmas crafts

Christmas crafts are a great way to keep busy when it’s cold outside and get yourself into the spirit of the holidays. Perfect for filling your home with Christmas cheer, or giving away as a small handmade gift, an afternoon of making Christmas crafts is the perfect project to enjoy with your kids this month! […]

The Best Christmas Cookies – Recipe Round Up

christmas cookies

With the holiday season fast approaching, we hit our kitchens and tested numerous recipes for Christmas cookies. Our freezers are stocked with goodies as a result!! We also asked our circle of social media moms to share their tried-and-true recommendations for Christmas cookies (mom knows best when it comes to making cookies, right?!). Here is […]

Popular 2014 Christmas Gifts for Toddlers and Preschoolers -Our Review

leap band toddler gift ideas

Choosing appropriate Christmas gifts for toddlers and preschoolers can be a challenge. Children under five want to be acknowledged as big kids, but often do not have the skills to handle (and enjoy) big kid toys. To help you buy the right Christmas gifts for toddlers and preschoolers this year, we put numerous popular toys […]